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Customizable forms and labels that can adapt to your unique needs. Discover how we give you an industry advantage at a competitive price.
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Future-proof Your Requisition Forms

The medical testing and laboratory industry is constantly changing. You need fast and accurate requisition solutions to adapt to your client requests and operational changes. When you order traditional requisition forms, you can save money by buying in bulk. However, when these forms become obsolete, you’re left with hundreds of useless pieces of paper.
GO2 Partners’ ExpressReqs™ allows for highly customizable requisition forms that can be ordered in lower quantities and shipped within 48 hours. Our unique approach to requisition forms provides you with a template that can be easily customized or adjusted to meet your ever-changing needs.
medical personnel filling out ExpressReqs™ form
Here are a few ways that our ExpressReqs™ forms increase operational efficiency and improve your bottom line:

No Surprise Costs

When you work with traditional forms, you tie up cash flow for inventorying product. After purchasing the forms, you need to store them and pay team members to overprint and distribute them. When shifts in the industry occur, these forms often become obsolete and end up in the trash.

With ExpressReqs™, you only pay for the price of requisition and the cost of building templates. That’s it. That’s savings.

Extreme Customizability

Whether you want to customize your forms with your company’s name or logo, or add client-specific testing information to your lab forms, we can help. ExpressReqs™ makes the process easy and eliminates the struggle you face with traditional lab forms.

Do you have changes? No problem! If you need to adjust the drugs listed in a test panel or add unique branding to your forms, making these changes with ExpressReqs™ takes only seconds.

Less Work for Your Team

With traditional forms, your team members are responsible for tracking inventory, handling extra stock and discarding the forms when they become outdated. When you use ExpressReqs™, we streamline the entire process from start to finish. Your employees spend less time handling documents and more time working with clients.

The Benefit of Being Aware

When there is a shift in testing requirements or new information that needs to be added to the requisition forms, business can slow or stop while you wait for the revised forms to arrive. With ExpressReqs™, adapting to these new changes is as easy as opening your computer and making a few small alterations.

Produce new forms before the competition. Be first to the market.

Easy Ordering

Our technology makes it easy for you to stay in control of your lab forms. When you order from us, you don’t need to wait for someone to process your transaction. The entire ordering process is handled online, so you get access to your mission-critical lab forms with the click of a button.

Low-Cost Forms for Labs

A business had an opportunity to enter a new market with lab testing services, but the cost of entry for the necessary custom requisition forms was too high. GO2 was able to support the business as it entered the new market — read how.


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