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    The clinical laboratory market is full of niche service needs and requirements. We do more than just address these needs as a full-time partner dedicated to delivering consistent quality with our unique print, label and packaging solutions for labs and medical providers. Our expertise and experience in managing the mission-critical supply chain needs of laboratories means we can address the lab challenges.  

    Comprehensive Lab Printing Services

    Laboratory requirements

    Running day-to-day operations at a laboratory requires monitoring details, tracking orders and specimens, and staying informed of the latest regulations and industry trends. Let GO2 handle your essential print, labeling and packaging supply chain requirements so you can focus on other priorities. 

    Numbers management

    A specimen is more than a number; it’s a life. GO2 Lab Media leverages Six Sigma best practices and consistent quality standards to ensure sequential numbering. This includes using a numbers management system to check for duplicate numbers and other numbering or barcoding errors. 

    Enhanced labeling services

    Proper labeling is essential for labs. Materials and barcodes must work flawlessly in the laboratory accessioning process. GO2’s forward-thinking labeling offerings can be customized to fit your lab’s needs, including tamper-evident security features for chains of custody, labels for tight mandrel surfaces, or cryogenic label applications. 

    Express Lab Solutions

    Enhance your competitive advantage with our fast and accurate Express Laboratory Solutions. We offer low-risk, non-traditional solutions for your mission-critical barcoded requisitions and labels — shipping within 24 to 48 hours. 

    • Express Lab labels are available for an immediate need for pre-printed labels with next-day turnaround. 
    • ExpressReqs™ forms are fully customizable. Add your company’s name, logo, or even client-specific testing instructions. Quickly adapting to changes in testing requirements for drug panels and other industry standards allows you to be the first lab to offer these updated services.
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    Medical-grade packaging solutions

    Whether Category B UN3373 packaging for biological specimens or direct-to-consumer retail packaging, your business has a much lower tolerance for mistakes. GO2 understands the risk and costs of medical packaging and retesting. GO2 provides corrugated packaging solutions, poly-flexible packaging and retail packaging solutions that are durable and cost effective.

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    Lab auditing

    CAP and other regulatory agencies can impact your team's day-to-day operations. When you work with GO2 Partners, we give you access to experts who can audit your operation and find potential areas of improvement while also providing insight into how you can prepare for any upcoming industry changes.

    The GO2 difference for clinical labs

    Because our Lab Media team is focused on the needs and requirements of medical labs, we offer a higher level of service. Our industry expertise and cost analysis allow us to find ways to mitigate and reduce cost and risk for labs.

    Supply chain resiliency and redundancy

    COVID-19 proved the susceptibility of the supply chain and that even with adequate planning, manufacturing operations can shut down at any moment and for an extended period. Leaders and business owners must embrace increased adaptability and flexibility to protect operations and their business.

    By working with a print and label distributor, you are automatically building a layer of operational redundancy. GO2 has a manufacturing ecosystem that provides redundancy while offering the highest levels of quality control found in the industry.

    To overcome future challenges, manufacturers should examine their current operations:

    • What are the weak links in the supply chain?
    • In what areas do you have the least control, or are you at the highest risk?
    • For your single-source items, are there any alternative sourcing options?
    • Are you receiving enough data to stay informed of any changes that may arise?


    During this examination, bring in key stakeholders to discuss overcoming weaknesses and further protecting your business.

    Quality testing services

    Various print and packaging lab-related consumables require diagnostic evaluation. GO2 Lab Media offers niche testing services to ensure your products meet lab standards.

    • Label development and evaluation. GO2 has an in-house label lab capable of analyzing the material and adhesive properties required for your application.
    • Barcode consulting and evaluation. GO2 possesses the technology and expertise to grade your barcodes against ANSI/ISO standards. Call us today if you are wondering why your barcodes aren’t scanning.
    • Package testing. GO2 is a member of the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA). These testing services provide a laboratory simulation of damage-producing motions, forces, conditions and sequences of transport environments.

    Contact GO2 Partners Lab Media Today

    Don’t wait to give your team the tools they need to succeed. Our Lab Media team is committed to providing the highest level of service and care for our clients, so give us a chance to earn your business. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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    Customer Success Story

    See how GO2 was able to reduce costs and provide solutions for a laboratory customer.

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